The Radials

TWANG. TORCH. TONK. The Radials have a flair for melody and a knack for great stories. Put those elements together with a cacophony of upstate California jangle, swampy cajun spice and downtown Nashville honky-tonk, and you have a unique blend of Americana roots music with a modern twist. The Byrds, Loretta, Replacements, Beatles, Neil, Willie and Cash cast a shadow on the instruments of the Radials, but it is the unique blend of these five musicians that lift the crowd to their feet to move to the music.

“...the Radials make music the way it was done before rock and roll, when your favorite band was likely the local guys who got together to play every Friday at your neighborhood bar. They’re like a classic car that gains value with the passage of time instead of the hot new model.” --Jordan Green - Triad City Beat

Hundreds of working musicians call North Carolina home, with dozens right here in the Triad. The choices can be overwhelming when it comes to what music to listen to or which band to go see. So we’d like to help you discover some of these artists. This is Part 3 of a three-part listening guide, pairing prominent performers with regional counterparts: -- Eddie Huffman - Special to Go Triad